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I picked up the P32 at a local dealer yesterday, and was amazed at the size and craftsmanship of such a small firearm. (I didn't feel like I was going to break it.)
Since I already owned a .32 Auto pistol, why not go for two-for-two?
However, when lining up the sights, I knew something was wrong. Two lines does not make for an accurate Charger01.
I'm very, very used to the the Glock bar and dot, or the three dot system. Does Kel-Tec have additional sights, or is the a manufacture that produces combat, night sights, anything else?

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Nope, you're pretty much stuck with the sights as-is.
The proper combat sight picture is to cover the target with the front sight, then align the front sight above the rear. Actually blot the intended point of impact from view... and you should hit it!
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