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New PMR 30 issues

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Bought a new PMR30 at the beginning of November. Over the next month I fired 600 rounds of ammo through the gun, a mixture of CCI, Federal and Winchester 40 grain ammo. The gun functioned great. I disassembled and cleaned the gun every 200 rounds. Then out of the blue I started having issues with the gun. I started to have 2 to 3 failure to extract or failure to eject stoppages per magazine. When I had the failure to extract stoppage the fired case was stuck in the chamber, the slide had cycled and the subsequent round from the magazine tried to feed. To clear the stoppage I had to drop the magazine, lock the slide to the rear to allow the live round to drop free and then use a range rod to push the fired case out of the chamber. When I had the failure to eject stoppage I would find the fired case stuck between the breech face and the barrel hood and the next round from the magazine partially fed. To clear it I would pull the slide to the rear and the fired case would drop free and when I released the slide the next roound fed. I took the gun home, disassembled it and cleaned it using an Otis Ripcord for the barrel. I lubed it and took it to the range again. I still had the same issues. I returned home and contacted Keltec online and initiated a service ticket. Then I disassembled the gun again and took a close look at the barrel. I didn't notice anything unusual, but I decided to use a bore brush to clean the barrel and chamber rather than the ripcord I previously used. I also use a .243 nylon bore brush to scrub the chamber. After I cleaned it I took the gun back to the range and lo and behold it shot great, until I reached the 85th round.

When I pulled the trigger the gun fired, but I also received a face full of powder and metal shavings (thank God for eye protection). When I examined the gun I found the slide pushed back, a round attempting to feed from the magazine into the chamber, but the chamber contained a ruptured case from the CCI ammo I was using. It appeared the case ruptured at the rim out the top of the case. I am not able to lock the slide to the rear. I am able to see down the barrel and it is not bulged. I have not attempted to disassemble the gun. I updated my service ticket with Keltec and also called their customer service to request a return shipping ticket. Unfortunately they are going on Christmas and New Years vacation and told me to call back in January. I will wait and see. At this point I have fired just under 900 rounds through the gun.
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Did you read my post titled Hornady 22 mag failure? I did not have the ftf problems but had the same rupture at the rim and a face full of powder.
Yes I did see your post. I was finally able to get a shiiping label from the company and sent the gun in for a check up. It's been 2 weeks and haven't heard anything back yet. Interested to see what they have to say.
I have two pmr 30's. have not had and issues with either....they both have had probably 600 to 1000 rounds fired so far. I have used CCI ,Hornady, Federal,Winchester and Fedacci no issues other than ftf a few times when they were breaking in . The Mags are difficult to load and keep aligned properly but Speed loader and leaving Mags full @ 30 Rounds has solved that issue. Had front Sight to fall off one so far. Have checked bore seat and found no burrs in the breech when the round seats in bar ell. Please keep us posted on what you find out.
Received notice Thursday the gun was on its way back. Is due tomorrow. Interested to see what the service department has to day about my problems. Will advise.
Got the gun back on Tuesday. Checked the enclosed Repair Work Order to see what they had done to it. The technician checked that he had replaced slide and or barrel, polished feed ramp, replaced internal parts, chamber serviced and test fired. The WO also indicated they had replaced the firing pin and rim support block as well as serviced the barrel. So I took the gun to the range on Thursday and put 130 rounds of CCI and Winchester 40 grn JHP through it with no issues. Functioned perfectly. Will see how it functions as I put more rounds through it. As a side note I noticed the CCI ammo had a large muzzle flash while the Winchester had a much smaller flash.
polish the feed ramp and the chamber.
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polish the feed ramp and the chamber.
What is used to polish them with? 0000 Steel Wool?

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I use Semichrome polish and a dremel with a wool pad.
I have a new pmr30 an the barrel has play it with the slide forward it sittin on the slide I can move it up we’re it’s free floating but I can pull the slide a little an let it go forward it sets back on the slide what could it be
I just had the exact same failure as OP on my PMR-30 made in 2015. Bought it new and other than a long break in it's been fine, til mine kaboomed and blew out the side of the slide and bent the rails. This was with CCI Maxi mag 40 gr. I contacted KT thru their site and in 24 hours had a prepaid shipping label. Two weeks from requesting a repair to getting it back, no charge.
What caused 😳 the problem 🤔,what was the failure 🤔??
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