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so far i like my p-3at but after 20 or 30 rounds i will get a case that does a nose dive instead of being ejected .this happens with all brands of ammo. the case has a flat side on it at the mouth.this mostly happens at the 5 or 6th round of the magizine . should i sent it back to the factory for repair? might need a new extractor ? thanks MRTLS :lol:

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I'm assuming you mean it's not extracting properly when it "nose dives"... this is the only way it could ge the dent.
The dent, by the way, is pretty common and normal for the P-3AT.
It sounds as if you're getting the occasional limpwrist, especially since it's near the end of the magazine. This is very common; a good hand exerciser or even a tennis ball will help increase your grip strength, and the "wrist lock" really doesn't require any skill, but rather willpower! Here's an article I did about it:
Limpwristing Explained
Anyhow, give this a shot and see if it helps any!
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