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Hello! I'm Ella Belle and I tend to be a lurker as I'm shy. I am in the Northwest, USA!
I joined to find out more info on the KSG as I just got one.
I'm curious about what people add-on and where to get accessories that fit and work well on the KSG.
Also wondering how to find out what year my KSG was manufactured.
Also curious as to what are all the different stock colors/finishes that Kel-Tec has produced with the KSG.
OK, so now y'all know I'm curious about a lot.
Thanks for reading!

Adding on... Whoops, I guess I just broke 2 rules...
1. I posted this as a discussion because I don't seem to read instructions.
2. I'm a chick and I am somewhat guessing this forum is NOT Chick-friendly. So, I wish y'all the best, but I'm out-a-here! CIAO!
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