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My new K&D holster!

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Hey, y'all, I just can't resist posting a picture of the combo holster I just got from K&D. It's based on the YZ combo, but with a couple of changes and a couple of additions.
The combo has a front pocket holster, a "plain" anti-print panel, an anti-print with a spare mag carrier (in place of YZ's oc spray holder), an oversized anti-print with spare mag slot (for cargo-pants) and a "wallet" shell. The pocket holster snaps into the anti-print panels and into the wallet unit, so I can carry in any pocket under any circumstances. The best part is that the holster itself is cut just right so that I can keep my belt clip on my P3AT in case I ever choose to carry it "nekkid". :roll:

I won't tell you how much I paid, but let's just say that it's about 2 1/2 times *less* than what it would have cost me to get other "stand alone" holsters that would do the same job.

Thanks, Kevin & Duane!
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Heres a picture of the set I got about a week ago.
Which Model?

Madman, I looked at the K&D Site... very nice. Which unit did you get?

Thanks! The combo I got doesn't technically have an official name from K&D at this point. It's based on what they call the "YZ Combo", but it's got a couple of custom changes. It's not listed on the website yet, though Kevin says they'll be posting a pic sometime soon. I referr to it as "The Super YZ Combo". One of the great things about K&D is that they will make almost any custom changes you want, or do any custom work from scratch if you can do a drawing of what you want. If you want something like this but somewhat different I recommend K&D. The other thing to note is that their price for custom changes is extremely reasonable, much more so than anyone else I've contacted.
finally got around to taking some pics of mine!! :)

but I need to get some with better lighting... kinda dark...

now mine is broken in decent and is much more comfortable and versatile than my Kydex version!! :)
Well, you guys have finally done it. I'm getting out the checkbook. Guess the babies can go without milk a little longer.

k&d pocket defender 2 in 1

I should have asked some more questions here before I ordered one. I got the k&d pocket defender 2 in 1

Its the one without the extra magazine carrier.

It fits nice, but there doesn't seem to be any design to keep the holster in the pocket when the gun is drawn.

Any ideas?
when you put your hand between the gun and the anti-print pannel, it pushes this pannel (which is rough side out by the way) against the inside front of your pocket, which tends to keep the hoster in there.

I think I responded to your e-mail on this -- at least I think it was you.

YZGUY is right, of course, for when you use an anti-print panel. Even if you don't, you can push off the holster with your fingers (if necessary) or you can modify your draw stroke just slightly to the rear so the holster catches on the pocket edge. The method is described in our FAQs:

Pocket holsters don't require a lot of retention on the gun, so part of the problem may be if the holster fit is too tight on your gun. There are also instructions in the FAQ for loosening the fit, or we will do it for you if you want.

Thanks for purchasing a K&D holster -- please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or need any help. Our leathercrafter, Kevin, is also available by e-mail or by phone.
I'm in!

Looks like exactly what I've been searching for my PM9.
As a matter of fact, just now ordered one! :D
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