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Nice midiman. I’ll have to investigate those gloves. They would keep those vertical groves from nibbling at my finger. I’d hate to use the sand paper or the finger nail file on my P32.
Tc, Cheryl

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Why, yes they will... but the SU should be easy enough to hold onto without them. The 3AT, while not having THAT much recoil, has very little surface to actually hold on to. It wants to either jump out of your hand OR chew it to hamburger until you gain calluses in all the right places. For the SU, I'd recommend a real rifle glove at least on your support hand.

I use one of these:

It has good padding on the back to protect your hand from overly tight slings and enough in the palm to help decrease pulse transfer. Your heart is a constant enemy when the goal is the best accuracy you can attain.
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