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To celebrate this nice Ga spring weather, I went to my outdoor range yesterday with all my 45acp's: Sig p220 (about $600), Rock Island Armory 1911 (about $300), and the Bersa Thunder 45 ($299). I brought several boxes of S&B ammo, and laid all three pistols out on the bench, and shot a magazine thru each and then switched pistols. Repeat until out of ammo.

I had no failures with either gun, except one operator error when I let my off-hand thumb engage the slidelock prematurely once on the Bersa. Not used to ambidextrous slidestops (I'm a lefty).

Targets were 10 resettable steel plates, both 8" round and bowling-pin shaped, at about 15yds. Accuracy was comparable with all three, as I only missed with a few shots, firing at a comfortable pace of about 3sec between shots.

I was surprised to find the recoil was similar, as these are very different size/weight pistols. The Bersa exhibited alot of muzzle flip when gripped loosely, but that goes away completely with a firm grip. The Sig seemed to have the sharpest recoil, but it's big grip spreads it out comfortably. The 1911 was the softest shooter of the bunch.

Conclusion: I really like them all. The Sig has never failed me(about 1400rds thru it), but every now and then it bops my head with an empty case. The Bersa has the worst trigger of the bunch, but it doesn't affect my accuracy. The RIA is the nicest shooter, in just about every aspect, and it's never failed either.

Todays favorite: Rock Island Armory 1911. Not necessarily the most practical pistol of the group, but it's the nicest shooter. Photo here:
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