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Yep, I've got one.
The Mauser design is a very nice one. The Hsc was once thought of as a thousand-round pistol, because a choice few were made of softer materials than called for and predictably wore out too quickly.
It's unlikely you've got one of these, however. If it says "Genuine Mauser" on the front left off the slide above the Mauser logo, it's a newer manufacture, though it's still pretty old.
Be sure to get used to the safety, as it's confusing as a Chinese Puzzle to anyone who hasn't handled one... in other words, the hammer is SUPPOSED to drop with the safety on! It just blocks the firing pin.
Holsters are available from most manufacturers, though you'll most likely have to order one.
Sounds like you've got the double-stack hi-cap model. This was made for a very short while, and should be a bit more valuable than most.
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