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I just bought a used P 32 and then ordered 2 more factory magazines.
‘There is an occasional FTF when the magazine is fully loaded but it works perfectly when only 6 rounds are placed in the magazine.
‘Is this common?
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I'm assuming you have fully cleaned the P32 before any of this started ? How old is the pistol and do you have any idea about how it was used ? How many rounds went thru it before you got it ? I'm just asking some simple questions first before I tell you (I think) on how to fix it. My first idea is for you to pull the magazine apart and fully clean the inside so the spring and top platform slide up and down easily.. I would also tell you to polish the ramp so the ammo slides easily up into the chamber. I have several p#@'s and have done all of the above. Ramps polished, mags cleaned and lubed, etc. Many thousands of rounds thru the guns and really no problems with either 7 round or 10 round mags. Let me know how you make out... Bobroe
Fail to Feed or Fail to Fire?
Fail to Feed is probably just the new mags needing a break in. My P32 had same issue when new.
Easy way to tell is just push out a round by hand when full then see if 2nd round pops out easier.
Does round appear to be heading towards the chamber, or rising too high?
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