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Makarov Ammo....

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Well, you guys got the best of me again. oldgranpa broke down and bought a nice Bulgarian Makarov my dealer found for me. The only ammo he had available was a box of Federal American Eagle 95gr FMJ and a box of Russian LVE Brown Bear 115gr "JHP".
My preliminary wetpack test at the range yesterday produced very good results. Picture below.
The only expansion test pictures I could find on the internet to compare with were by Goldenloki and Stephen Camp. urls to their reports are as follows.....

Makarov sites:

The only reason that Stephen Camp got low penetration with his wetpack test was because he let all the water drain out of the wetpack beforehand, at least that's what I think. I always take a jug of water with me to the range and soak the wetpack again just before shooting into it. I've even read where some wetpack testers take it to the range in a tub of water. It's got to be wet.

Anyway, I was impressed with the Russian bullet. It's soft lead with a steel jacket. Also a steel cartridge case. All the steel is coated or plated with a brownish copper. The lead was a little loose in the jacket after expanding but there was no separation.

What I need from all you Mak wizards is your recommendation on other ammo and the best place to order from. Then, later, I'll do a more extensive comparison.

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I always enjoyed CCI's Blazer GDHP load myself,although it was not the easiest Makarov ammo to find around here.
mak ammo

i fired a box of wolf 95 gr. solids thru mine when i bought it as that was the only ammo the dealer had. no problems at all. i since have been using barnaul 95 gr. hp's and they have been no problem either. i buy the barnaul at akron armory as they are only a 30 min. drive from where i live. i believe their price is very competitive in 500 and 1000 round lots. don't know if they have any right now or not. seems the hp is hard to get. bob williams is a nice guy and good to deal with. og i'm sending you a pm.
My favorite ammo is PSGrand, which usually has in stock but seems to be out of right now. For defense the Hornady jhp load is very nice.
This is an addictive pistol... I've got a feeling you'll be shooting it more and more often when you realize how much fun it is!
PSGrand for the practice.
Bar none: georgia arms GDHP (Gold Dot) is loaded HOT HOT HOT and is the best you can get.
GREAT! Now in addition to the Spyderco Chinook knive that I still have to get, NOW I have to get a Makarov.....which might be remedied this week!
expensive web site!!

not my fault, norf, this site is expensive. Addictive!! Almost sinful! Can't possibly carry all the stuff I've bought 'cause of this site.
But you will like the Makarov. byron, Keys, Flyer promise or your money back, send bill to them :lol: :roll:
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