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Re: Spare mag holder

Radamanthus said:
Just get the Kel-tec spare magazine holder. You just have to pull the mag out, and you can put hi-caps in it also.
The mag pictured in that pouch is a Glock neutered 10 rounder which means a hicap will fit just fine because they are the same size. This pouch is also more secure in terms of not losing your extra mag. The first time you lose a $50 - $100 hicap Glock mag because it fell out of a less secure mag holder, you'll cry.

Try both... two mags is never enough anyway. Keep a cheap, 10 rounder in the Kel-Tec holder.

I only look for gear on Lightfighter, and they mainly carry first responder/military gear, and there aren't too many SF teams out there with SUB 2K's as primarys.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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