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Hi all. Just found the group via the receptionist at Kel-tec. I got a #294xx in sky blue w/ chrome from when all the boys wre getting the Black or OD at the local gun shop I worked at for a while. that was a couple of years back.

great for formals in the purse. definately lighter on the thigh than as seen in Miss Congeniality or Swordfish.

ANYHOW does anyone happen to have a spare PINK grip they want to loose to a gal?

[email protected]

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Hi nicky,
Welcome to KTRange!
Ah, the elusive pink grip...
Since they stopped making then everyone wants them. I have no idea where you can get one.
However, I'm going to try *Edited by Flyer: I posted the secret here. I'm taking it out now so I can make millions. Edit Off:* I'll let you know and post a pic if it works out ok... then you'll be able to make your own!

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Hi Nicky, welcome to the Range!
Great idea Flyer!
As for me I went black and blue when I got my P32 but upgraded to HC.
There is the option of the Fushia (hot pink) Agrip. That is what I have on mine. I ordered it from It works well for me and if lord forbid something happens to me and the hubby inherits it, he can take it off and make it black and Chrome. Good luck on your hunt Nicky!
Tc, Cheryl
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