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Laser for Kel tec.

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Why can't a Laser company make a laser that would fit the
Kel tec or any other revolver just like they did for the Glock.
Replacing the internal part instead of saying they can't because of the plastic grips. No place to replace grips with the laser in the grip.

Inquiring minds would like to know :)

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yeah i was thinking that yesterday..that Crimson Trace laser company retrofits them to Glocks, the laser in front of the trigger guard, and the button right where the trigger guard meets the grip. only thing is that you haveta send the gun in to have them install it, cause the wires are internal. why cant they do it with kel-tec?
they have a link to their email, for emailing product ideas!
ya know, i live about 20 minutes from their factory..i should get a job there and work the system from the inside! :roll:
I was thinking more along the lines of "Why can't someone design a guide-rod laser for the P11/40/357", just like the Lasermax unit? Perhaps Lasermax could do it.
I've argued with, banged up, mangled with soldering irons and mini-torches, and ruined several KTs of every kind trying to perfect a laser sight.
I had a partial success with my "Laserguard", which was a small unit that snapped onto the front of the triggerguard of a P-3AT and looked pretty good and actually worked well. It WOULD have been a good carry laser...
BUT. The pistol being so small meant I had to use small batteries. The best I was able to do was get about fifteen minutes continuous running time.
That's NOT acceptable!
So, I put the idea on the back burner. Maybe I'll dust it off again and think about putting larger batteries in the area where the grip mod I did is... there should be room in there for significantly larger cells.
ok, its early, and i havent had any coffee ( but mabey you could make it run on Uranium or sumthing??
Nah, if it runs on uranium, it won't be the laser emitting the light -- it'll be the operator, glowing in the dark!! 'Sides, I'd preferr to retain the ability to procreate -- it'd be a shame if my new nuclear-powered laser made me sterile!
packin, packin...
I think I'd be better off making a steam-engine powered generator and wear it as a backpack. Just keep 'er full of water and propane, and it outta be good for hours and hours... all 100 lbs of it.
yeah, but your problem there is that the boiler would get soo hot that you would haveta wear heat resistant underoos, and then you would get kinda warm on the beach.
Installation Problems

I see three problems with fitting laser sights to any Kel-Tec.

First, any sight in front of the trigger guard would have to be VERY short due to the short barrels. Current laser sight would overhang the muzzle and be ruined by the muzzle blast.

Second, replacing the guide rod with a laser would require a laser about the size of a 3/16" drill bit since Kel-Tec's guide rods are so small. I don't think it can be done.

Third, how many owners would be willing to pay $300+ for sights on a $250 gun?
You are right. But I have seen people put a lot of money in a gun so they can use it for defense or because they love it or they just have money to throw away. You have a good three points. but don't you just love the way flyer and packin and 'em get crazy. :!:
You have heard about "brain storming" but on this list we don't have to worry about the first word. :wink:

I seem to have missed something, here.
I said that I'd made a laser sight that DID work!
What I said was that I wasn't satisfied with the battery life and wouldn't pursue the idea.
It's by no stretch of the imagination impossible.
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