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KTRangers Only: Latest Mods and Updates

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Howdy KTRangers,
We decided to launch a new forum.
In the "Maximizing Miniaturization" area, we'll be posting the newest mods we perfect, our own ammo tests, and things of that nature proprietary to KTRange.
I'll most likely start it off tomorrow with an article about the "FlyerWire" with some pics, since it's the single thing I'm asked about the most. I've never adequately explained the concept, so this seems like the place to do it. Other articles will follow...
You might say this is where we'll keep KTRange's "Secrets"!
Everybody's gotta have a few, ya'know!!!
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Just a guess, but a hand drill would probably work great for this as opposed to trying to modulate the trigger on a power drill without going too fast and boogering things up.

FWIW, some just paint the entire area around the notch on the Second Gen pistols.
Just a thought, If you were to get a q-tip and pull the cotton off of one end. drill the "hole" out with your finger drill. Get your paint and spray it onto a peice of card board. Dab the q-tip into the paint then dab it in the hole it would seem to me like it would be very close to the same size. My grandmother does alot of Ceramic painting and she taught us the same kind of method to make dots on animals for eyes and so forth.
well i put some of that appliance paint on it last night, i sighted the length of the slide and decided that if i painted the whole notch,(its a 2G) it would be harder to line things up, so i painted all of it but a rectangle in line with the front sight, which only required a dot from the white-out like paint applicator. i manipulated the rest with the tip of my pocketknife and it looks decent.

btw, what would this "hand drill" look like? just some means to have a grip on a drill bit?
yes just hold the bit with your hands. However there is actually a hand drill. it looks like an exacto knife but many small drill bits. I do think they have one for bigger bits as well.
ok cool i might try that when i go home in a few weeks... i'm gonna see how just painting them on top of the bluing lasts, hopefully pretty well since its kinda down in a notch.

on the drilling, anyone know if that voids the warranty or anything?

$22 or so. Save the receipt! :lol:

As for the warranty, I would be absolutely shocked if the sight holes voided the warranty. The best part of owning a KT is dealing with a company that is so very reasonable about stuff like that. On the few situations where that warranty was voided, it was on the barrel being basically butchered beyond fixing by the factory. IOW, if it won't work, and they can't fix it due to major boogering, then they will say they are off the warranty. Even in those cases, they offered to reinstate the warranty if the madman-with-a-dremel agreed to pay for a replacement barrel. They have to draw the line somewhere, or people will start doing stuff way beyond what is remotely acceptable, knowing the factory will fix whatever stupid mistake they commit. Clearly, the sight holes aren't in the same realm.
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Very well put Pocket.
that is an awesome little tool pocket (no offense ;) ) looks like something wile E coyote would use, where can i get one? i don't think i've seen it at wal mart or lowes, then again i've never really looked for one.
I would think it easier to use a dremel and a pointed file type bit to make a small indention for paint dots.

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