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Midiman said:

I figure there pretty much aren't any. I'm tired of enforcing them and you're tired of living by them. Suffice it to say... if I don't like what you're doing, you're gone... so I expect you to act like anyone else in real life when you might get punched in the face for saying something.

I've changed the registration system to email activation. You'll get an email with a link to click to activate your account. This means that all you bellsouth and other customers with overprotective spam filtering... are probably out of luck.

There's only one word filter activated here... if some rough language offends you or your god, this may not be the place for you... or your god.

Have fun... be good. That's about it.
OK, I am not a big fan of rules either, but at the same time I think a few might be in order so that members don't feel like they could be "gone" with little provocation. Anyone who gets banned or suspended shouldn't be surprised by it happening.

1. Please make a post in the thread marked "New Members - Post IN THIS THREAD". The content isn't a big concern: you can even post just your username, or you can say where you are from, what Kel-Tecs you own or want to own, etc. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW THREAD, POST AT THE END OF THIS ONE. Sorry for the yelling, but I want those in the back to hear too. LOL

2. Please DO NOT post in the For Sale/Wanted To Buy forum until your rank no longer reads "New Member". This is to help protect our members from being ripped off. It is not infallible, but is a step in the right direction. This isn't Craigslist, so if you are just here to sell items you are out of luck, at least at present.

3. The word nanny is off. Swearing is discouraged (especially in the firearm-related forums like P-32, etc.), but not prohibited. Please try to confine most of the profanity to The Rant and The Lounge. Admins and moderators will decide how much profanity is too much, and may edit posts and send PM if they feel things are getting gratuitous. Individual mods may vary in what they think is inappropriate. We are all adults here, so lets not get worked up over a little adult language, especially when it is being used to express strong feelings.

4. Please do not post porn. As much as I like to see it, I am not prepared to keep records on the ages of the models, so no nude cheesecake in the cheesecake thread. No beefcake threads please - sorry, I am just not that enlightened, nor am I likely to ever be.

5. Do not troll The Kel-Tec Range. If you just bought a Kel-Tec and it has problems, and you have decided to come bash it (and those who like them) to make yourself feel better, you are a troll. Patience for trolls is notoriously short here at KTrange. Help with a problem, expressed as such, is always freely given and such posts are welcomed. Bashing Kel-Tecs, or posting things designed specifically to create a lot of angry responses is trolling, and trolls will not have a long stay. Criticism of a product, Kel-Tec or otherwise, when backed up by facts, is not trolling. The "how" things are expressed vs the "what" is expressed makes all the difference in regard to trolling.

6. Please do not bash other forums here. For example: If you just got kicked off KTOG by TxCajun, coming here to tell us all what a dickhead he was is not what we want to read.

7. Please do not edit posts during a debate in a way that changes the content of what you said. You posted it, so be accountable for it. If you have changed your mind or were just wrong, admit it and move on.

8. Refrain from personal attacks. Certain forums may have exceptions posted in their own rules section. What constitutes a personal attack will be at the discretion of the staff, and may result in edited/deleted posts or locked threads.

----SEE BELOW----
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