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Hi Ya'll! Its been awhile. I have a question for you concerning the KelTec P32 magazine release button. I know these two guns are in no relations to each other but here goes. I recently bought myself a Glock 17 I was thinking about Hi Cap mags for it. But all that I could find were metal. I hear that Glocks and metal mags dont mix very well. Could the same be said about the KT. I know all come with a metal MecGar mag. But will metal mags hurt or wear out the Mag release on my KT.
Thanks for any info.

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seems that if they are shipped with metal mags than it should be ok. I would however, limit myself to either magazines purchased from KT or their exact copy. I have read postings in the past that there were problems with the aftermarket 10 round mags for the P32. I am sure that Flyer or someone else can comment on that better than I. And yes, Glocks and metal mags don't mix.

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Yep, they're fine.
The P-32 mag doesn't take the pounding that a Glock mag would take with a metal mag, and I've yet to wear a mag release out... though I've replaced the springs on a few!
At any rate, even if it DID wear out, a quick call to KT would have a new one on it's way you can install yourself in about five minutes.
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