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The serious drawbacks to this approach are two:

#1 - Substantially increased exposure to moisture, resulting in much higher likelyhood of rust problems.

#2 - The belt clip edges dig into the Dupont polymer grip, cutting it up and allowing the clip to move about somewhat. Not a major problem, but it irks me all the same.

There are SO MANY great holster options out there, including ones that put the entire gun below the beltline (like Graham's Custom Gun Leather's "Pop Top" holster) that I think that in most cases you will be better served with a holster. There are some times where that may not be the case (for instance, using the belt-clip to clip your KT to an elastic strap on your body armor, where it's not in direct contact with your skin), but generally it's better to use some sort of holster. If nothing else, holsters do a good job of keeping pocket lint, dust, etc, from getting into the gun (no Rohrbaugh tight slide-to-frame fits on KTs...), and that should always be a major concern when thinking about carrying. If your gun gets a bunch of lint and other crap built up in it (and it happens in a hurry in the pocket), it may well fail to perform reliably, which could cause you to have a negative life event (i.e. die), and that kind of thing can just ruin a person's day entirely... :roll:
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