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Hey Nevada,

I’m a Police firearms instructor with 30 years of training/being trained under my belt…. But I still try and learn each time I go to the range. Some of your questions are kinda subjective…. And you opinion is as good as mine… here are the best answers, I can come up with….

1. Yes, the P-17 is accurate…. I have at least half a dozen .22s and the P-17 keeps up with my Rutgers, and Brownings just fine.
2. I would say 25 yards is a good max range for a .22…. But have seen a lot of beer cans fall at 100 yards with pistols and rifles alike….
so it has more to do with training and practice…. Always shoot with someone better then you…. And check your Ego at the door…. Learn, be humble, try new things…. And practice a lot!
3. Since the .22 is a very flat shooting round, meaning the amount the bullet drops as it travels down range over distance…. I would say a 25 yard zero is pretty good, catch all, but you need to see how your particular gun shoots at different distances… start at 10 yards…. And work back to the farthest you are comfortable to reliably hit your target…. That said a ,22 is not your best choice for self defence… I would recommend .380 and over when your life is on the line…. but that said…. A .22 on your hip, beats a .45 in your safe every time…. If you do carry your .22 get good high velocity hollow point ammo…. I like CCI Stinger….. but there are many!
4. Probably not, mine shot to point of aim right out of the box…. But you may need to tweak yours, to you personal preference….

Good Luck and have fun!
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