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Kel-Tec Sub 2000 Update and New Mods

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After putting 100 rounds through my new Sub2k, I wanted to provide a status update and a few of the mods I have made.

After 100 rounds the charging handle/recoil spring has been a little better so I removed the 1/2"x4"PVC pipe handle (see previous post). It worked well and maybe will be adding back in later.

In the meantime, HomeDepot sells a 1/2"x24" flexible rubber sprinkler riser for $3.28.

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The rubber is high quality for outdoor use and very durable. I cut a 3/4" piece and put it on the charging handle, along with a 1/4" piece as a recoil buffer (also helps center the recoil spring on reassembly) and a 2-1/4" piece to replace the front sight that I removed.

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I removed both the rear and front sights. I used the front sight locknut to secure the pipe cover on the barrel and then reinstalled the thread protector. The sights are being replaced with a red dot sight.

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Now the mods to the stock. Until the accessory manufacturers get around to creating a few things, the better things in life are left to us to create. I wanted a padded butt stock and cheek riser. Again HomeDepot came to the rescue with a $2.98 piece of 1"x8' foam pipe insulation.

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I prototyped it with tie wraps but as you can see in the picture, the tie wraps have been replaced with velcro strips. The velcro will make it very easy to reassemble after cleaning. I am an old school hunter and used to wood stocks. The foam
makes the stock and cheek riser very comfortable for me.

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Everything functions as it should but it is much more comfortable for me to shoot. Many would say the changes are cheesy or sloppy but then I am more concerned with functionality than looks. The after market folks really need to get their act together and produce a more confortable and functional butt stock that maybe could even hold an extra mag (that's one of my next mods). So far most after market parts are way too expensive for us old timers on Social Security to buy and too limited in application.

This is a great forum, probably the best I have found in over 60+ years of shooting.

Thank you.


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I got rid of the stock charging handle and bought the 2 finger upgrade for mine. That was the best thing other then my red dot with swing away mount so I can still fold the firearm.
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