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ok, this shows it better than I can say it

First off, the trigger pull was terrible, lots of overtravel with a really odd release and a very long take up in single action mode, DA was actually nice, but I hate DA mode so that is really a moot point.

Gun was really top heavy, ok when a full mag was in, but once a few rounds had been shot the balance went back to being really wierd for me (keep in mind I'm a metal frame man, and I'm not used the light weight of a plastic frame)

Decocker was wierd and hard to reach, no takedown lever, but the slide stop lever was nicely positioned

The gun did not shoot anywhere near the point of aim either, I was putting the dot on the front sight right on the bull and was hitting around the 4 ring, keep in mind this is only at 10 yards. Went to the other guns I had with me and made a nice ragged hole in the bullseye with no problem, so I don't think it was all my fault (granted this was a new gun for me, so some of it had to be my fault, and it was a range rental that may have been abused/well worn out/not cleaned in a while, but still...)

Lastly, the magazine was very hard to load. This is just not what I am accustomed to from Sig and needless to say this is not going to be my next pistol. Perhaps a P229 instead, which I have shot before and like, but the SP2340 is most definetly off the list. Sucks 'cause a 239 is quite a bit more expensive when compared to the pro. :(

Pays to look around and shoot a gun before you buy it, even though I would have probably noticed these "defects" without shooting one.

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I've handled the plastic-framed Sigs but never shot one.
They didn't impress me, either. If it's got a plastic frame it's gonna be a Glock for me.
That said, the Sig P-220 is my favorite of the lot. Very nice trigger, outstanding accuracy.
The P-226 and P-228 are good too... but they largely fill the same role as the Beretta 92-FS, which I prefer to either of them.
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