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Forgive me I dont know much about shotguns. Anyway this is what I want, A 12ga with 10+1 capacity of 3". Also needs to be simi-automatic, and have a folding butstock with a pistol grip. Oh yes also we need a red dot sight thing. Soo, is it out there? Is it very high priced?

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Well, it could be out there, if you'd go below three inch shells...
The semi that comes close to what you're wanting is the one made about ten years ago. It was based on the AR-15 lower, and used a rotating 12 round drum magazine. Klinton killed it, of course.
A 590 Mossberg is a GREAT shotgun, our military issue. But, it's a pump... but hey, it's got a bayonet lug! :mrgreen:
Seems as if the Benneli line is most likely to have one that'll fit your needs.
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