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If anyone needs a cheap leather belt magazine holder for one magazine, I've found a source. The only problem, is I've only saw them at one retail outlet and they are located in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. These are actually knife sheaths, but work great for my P3AT magazine. They have three sizes, 2 1/2"--4 1/2"----5". The 2 1/2' works perfectly for the P3AT. The 4 1/2" fits my eight round Makarov mag with extension and my 12 round high capacity double stack Makarov mag. The eight round Makarov mag is slightly loose in depth, but with the snap, is acceptable. The Kel-Tec mag fits in like it was made for it. These are Bushmaster Sheaths, found at Meijers Thrifty Acers or Meijers Super Stores. The 2 1/2" leather sheath is $4.99, the 4 1/2" is $5.49, and the 5" (haven't bought this one) is $6.49.

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