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:D After about 8 months without a Kel-Tec, I find myself in the need of an ultra concealable firearm. I had both the P-32 and an early P-3AT, the P-32 gave me no problems so I did the logical thing and switched to the P-3AT. I had some minor problems which Kel-Tec and the folks at KTOG helped me work out but I just never felt right about the little package.

Well enough history, I found a great looking hard chrome beauty (S/N # H6RXX) and after looking at all the other larger and heavier models I'm Back. After a good cleaning and lubing with molly kote grease, my first trip to the range with 50 rounds of winchester 95gr ball was great, I did expirence a few FTF only when inserting the mag and manualy operating the slide, never during the firing. Plan on trying diffrent rounds. Never once did I get hit with the brass and the problem I had with the frame rails on the old P-3AT getting mushroomed in the front after the same amount of rounds did not happen.

I was wondering since I see a few of the old name here, is Marty still with Kel-Tec? I was also wondering if and knows about any reported shootings that involved these little lions and what the results were? Has anyone tried Fiocchi 95gr ball and if so how does it work?

Great to be back and glade to see Kel-Tec has a forum

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