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Actually I traded in my S&W .38 airweight because I just don't carry it (too hard to conceal) and walked out with a brand new P-3AT and a few boxes of ammo.

Took it right to the range to give it a test run and all-in-all I like it.

I did have one failure to eject and I am getting "smilies". I've also noticed that one edge of the casing tends to be flatened a bit - I'm assuming this is the top edge of the casing and the same thing that is causing the "smiley" is causing the flatening of the edge of the casing as well.

I only put about 50 rounds through it today but I literally couldn't wait to get a feel for it at the range.

The slide is a bit stiff - but nothing terribly difficult. My biggest problem was sweaty hands - but after I dried my hands on my jeans there was no problem at all.

As for the recoil... I really didn't notice too much difference between this gun and other .380's I've fired. Most .380's tend to be snappy and the Kel-Tec was actually tamer than I had been lead to believe.

But I've never really had a problem with limpwristing as my dad was a rather demanding task master when it came to shooting and that was one of the things he had me work on.

Again - Thank you all so much for your opinions and suggestions. I'm really impressed with this little gun and can't wait to take it to the range again!

Carole K.
Tampa, FL

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Glad to hear you like it!
The flattened cases are normal... the P-3AT is notoriously hard on it's brass.
The recoil is less than others because it's a locked-breech design, which makes it tiny size possible in the first place!
Keep us informed as you put more rounds through your new protector!

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:D MrsKey : Welcome to the Society of Happy P3 Owner/Operators ! The -smiley- problem is caused (as best I can explain it in a hurry) by the top round in the magazine slamming into the bottom of the feed ramp upon recoil from the last round fired.(Try firing one round,stop,eject mag.,eject round in chamber,see smiley on round in chamber?) There is a fix for that posted on this board,I just don't have the url for it at the moment,I'm sure Flyer or someone will direct you. No real problem,just a little disconcerting. If sweaty grip is a problem,you might wanna try an Uncle Mikes rubber slip over grip,(size small)only costs a few bucks,and sure helped my grip. Lotsa folks here like the Hogue Handle jr. but, I just wasn't happy with the fit. I'm sure you will grow even fonder of your new -lil buddy- as you get more aquainted, I know I sure like to have mine with me,and he hides sooo well !!! >>> Salute ,,, Wil
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