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I just got over the 200+ rounds through my P-3AT that I like for new gun break-in. Absolutely flawless function this time; all with UMC 95 gr FMJ.
Had a couple of FTE's with Win-clean but think the break-in period cured that. I'm frankly thrilled. Yeh, I'd trust my life with it now.

When I got home to clean it, A little chunk of what looked like plastic fell out near the left rear of the frame. "Drat" I said...and things were going so well.....funny place for a cracked frame." I took a closer look.
"Wait a minute...that's the uh, er ejector." Whew, it never came out on previous cleanings and I remembered that it simply dropped out/in.

Midiman........thanks for getting me back on line here and I'm glad to be back.

Best wishes all.

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Howdy, twentytwolover!
Good to seeya!
Yep, the ejector is initially in there pretty tight, but loosens up with use till it practically flings itself out of the frame when the slide comes off.
I just take both the ejector and guide rod holder off immediately on takedown and lay them aside. Keeps me from having to hunt for 'em!
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