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Hey all
I’m from NY and I bought a KSG-NR (Compact) w/factory fore grip and taclight. I always wanted a shotgun, and after seeing the one in John wick I looked into its legality, and lo and behold, its legal in all 50...right on!

I’m a NYer but I’m republican and think the 2nd amendment is there for a reason, but most other NYers that are law abiding don’t agree. I don’t really care what my neighbor thinks when I’m in the voting booth, why should I care when I’m at the range.

So i got it mainly to shoot slugs at the firing range. Sounds boring? I guess, i dont know what else/where else you can legally shoot in NY, like in the woods or whatever (maybe that’s what hunting season is for lol?)

Anyway, I’m green man. I know very little about firearms in general, although Ive shot handguns, rifles, and a shotgun, they always belonged to my relatives out of state (Arizona).

So i bought it, i put on mag pull MBUS gen 2 front and rear sights, and a hard shell case, and thast about all I’m gonna get (i dont want any laser or optics).....

I think ill need a cleaning kit? Can someone recommend me a cleaning kit for the KSG?

And as a brand new 38 year old first time firearm owner, is there anything else I should know or buy with my transfer (getting it Halloween) so I’m gettin ready!! Lol

I really use to love archery but I’m older and I’m just trying a new hobby as well as something I can use for home self defense if need be god forbid

Any advice is helpful, and please dont tell me I’m too old too start this hobby, because i heard it from so many people, and i dont care, so i think anytime to learn something is fine.....idk why my age was an issue in another group but i was told maybe i should find another hobby to get into this late in life? Maybe they were busting my balls?

Anyway hello and thanks for any reco
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