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How To Make FlyerWires (P-32 anti-rimlock device)

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Lots of folks keep asking me how, so I put together an article for ya'll!
Click the link below and it'll take you to the article:

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Excellent post. I have a Ques. though and forgive me if I missed it but should I do the flyerwire mod on my 380 mags or was that just for the 32?
It's only for the .32.
The .380 is rimless, so it's not subject to rimlock! One of the advantages of the P-3AT.
Flyer, I was wondering if I could ask you a quick question? You may have answered this before, but being new, I haven't seen it. Can a person make FlyerWires for factory mags with the plus one on the bottom? I may be wrong, but it seems to me that the plus one angles forward a bit at the rear and may make it a little different as far as the bottom of the FlyerWire is concerned. Thanks in advance.
GlocksRock, you're right.
The Flyerwire only works with the standard P-32 mag.
Still... it's free, ain't it? Good deal! 8)
im just now feeling comfortable possibly carrying my p32, its been 100% though 250 rounds of fiocchi fmj and jhp's. ive noticed that when i load jhp's there is absolutley no wiggle room in the magazine, do the rounds need to wiggle around for the possibility of rimlock?
THe way I understand it is. It usually happens with hollow points because they are usually shorter than solids. Then 1 round can move forward in the magazine if the round above it is back all the way then when the top round trys to move ahead the rim gets caught behind the rim on the round below it so it can't chamber.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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