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Hi All,

Just saw an ad for Hotshot Ammo at They have either 32 or 380 for $57.50 for 500 (or $5.87 a box) postpaid. Best price I've seen.

They say the ammo is FMJ (copper coated) and made in the USA. Seems like a real deal if it goes off reliably. Anyone tried it??? Only downside I saw was a $75 minimum order.


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I've tried the HotShot ammo in .30 Carbine, bought two cases of it at the last gunshow.
It's actually pretty good! No problems at all in over 200 rounds... I plan on trying the .223 SS109 ammo next time, and check it out.
Yep, it's priced really well... and with a brass case and copper plated bullets, beats the tar out of Wolf or any similiar bargain brand. No smelly residue, either.
Since we have a gunshow here almost every weekend, I'll probably pick up a couple boxes of it in .380, 9mm, and .45, too. If it's as good as the .30 Carbine, it'll be my new "blastin'" ammo.
I'd give it the green light; see if your gun likes it!
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