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Hood mod, or extractor problem?

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Getting FTE's in 2G 3AT, with very consistant symptoms. SN = HLR ##. Gun has been F&B. Cleaned and re-lubed after first 50 rounds.I fired a second box of UMC and kept close track of jams, one or two per magazine, as follows: When jammed, the slide was always all the way back, trying to grab a new round, so I don't attribute any of it to limp-wristing. Jams were two types.

1.) Case pulled half or 2/3 out, tipped straight up, with the hood pressing on them.
2.) Case pulled straight back, parallel to the barrel, the rim butted into the nose or case of the new round which was trying to move upward.


On properly extracted cases, there is what looks like a double, pressed-in extractor mark on the FLAT interior of the rim. The brass always flies well up-and-over my head. On the FTE's there is always a single, neat, triangular cut nipped out of the interior EDGE of the rim. This looks like the mark that would occur if the hood knocked the case out of the extractor too early, as show by Midi in one of his posts.


On the other hand, there are no heavy, hood crunching marks that others (Flyer?) described on the brass. Apparently the hood can hit the brass hard enough to deform it, but I am not seeing that. I have seen a lot suggestions that "the new extractors" (or to mod it) are all you need to cure extraction problems.


After reading most of the posts on the subject, I am wondering "is there is a clear way to distinguish between an extractor or a hood problem?". Or should I just do the hood mod first? Any clues here?

HOOD MOD--If I do a hood mod, will KT freak if I eventually have to send it back under warranty (which I will work like crazy to avoid!)?

EXTRACTOR MOD--I have seen a number of posts on modifying extractors, but they seem to be directed toward the first gen. It seems getting it to go deeper would be tough, because you would have to file around the stop pin and not damage it--but do-able. Has anyone tried to mod the 2nd gen extractors to get a better bite?

MY OWN THOUGHT--I also thought of shimming under the contact point of the extractor spring, to put more pressure on the extractor, just to see the result.

I prefer to cure this without sending it back, but would do so if that were the dominant suggestion, or if there are improvements they still need to make on this particular gun.
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Feel your pain brother. See my post from a few days ago. I will be watching this close as I am having same problem. I am going to round my hood edge out a little and shoot it tommorow. I'll let you know if it works.
Extractor. Get a new one. You now have the dominant suggestion.
I would start with the new/longer SG extractor. Make sure to ask them for a new screw as well as you probably won't want to re-use the old one. If that doesn't work, then modify the hood. The hood mod "fixed" my FG after an extended extractor made only a mild improvement. I was getting the damage on the side of the brass and dented casemouths, however.

justfish--how did it work?

Thanks lads,

I am requesting extractor from KT, and will definitely post results to this thread. I am tempted to do a minor hood fix to see if it at least cuts down on FTE's (and 'cause I just HATE sitting around waiting). But I sort of want to know if the extractor, alone, would 'cure' it.

Fish, I am anxious to hear about your results.
Flyer--educate us!


I appreciate your answer concerning my FTE's. In addition to knowing an answer, I always like to learn something in the process. Since FTE's seem to be one of the still prevalent problems on the 2G's, would you share a few thoughts with us on this subject.

I would particularly like to know how you distinguish between the need for an extractor, or a hood mod. Was it something in the symptoms I described, or does experience tell you this is probably the cause? For example, I suppose the serial number gives some evidence of the type extractor I have.

Thanks, in advance.
Chaz- I recieved this new Barrel/slide from Keltec on right before they closed for the holidays. They had to wait (according to them) for a new shipment of slides to come in before they could send it to me. That leads me to believe there isnt a more updated slide/ extractor. I could be wrong. I will be calling them at 8am tomorrow though, and getting another extractor also.
An upgraded extractor depends on the 'age' of my pistol, and I'm not sure how old the serial number is. I wish KT would post a history of upgrades, but I suppose they feel that would trigger an avalanche of parts requests that owners many not really need? I will be checking in with them early this week also.
No luck, Chaz. I rounded edge slightly, nowhere near what it looks like in Flyers pics. I loaded one mag and had 2 FTE. Same thing. Will call them first thing in morning. I am getting VERY frustrated. I am going to tell them to send me a new extractor. If that doesn't work, I am might just show up at their doorstep, w/ 10 boxes of WWB, and aint leaving til it's running right. :shock: The're only a few hours away. :idea:

justfish said:
If that doesn't work, I am might just show up at their doorstep, w/ 10 boxes of WWB, and aint leaving til it's running right. :shock: The're only a few hours away. :idea:
Please tell me that you are not currently using WWB. If so, try a different brand and that may solve your problem. Many, many P3ATs do not work well with WWB.

Nope- I did try it, but my problems are comming from Rem UMC, PMC, Hydroshocks and every other one I try.
I was (somewhat) joking. I was saying if I make a trip there I aint leaving til it gobbles everthing I put in it.
IF you aren't getting beat-up cases from the barrel hood - and this seems less common with the Second Gen. design, it's likely NOT the hood.
You describe stovepipe jams, i.e., the case pointing straight up.
Have you checked your EJECTOR??? Is it there?

justfish said:
Nope- I did try it, but my problems are comming from Rem UMC, PMC, Hydroshocks and every other one I try.
I was (somewhat) joking. I was saying if I make a trip there I aint leaving til it gobbles everthing I put in it.
If you are only two hours away, go for it. I have heard they will get it working while you wait. All you really need is reliability with one type of inexpensive practice ammo and one type of carry ammo. Anything else is gravy.

Try MagTech FMJ for practice. When my bone stock early FG would not extract anything else, it worked pretty well with MagTech. Their CleanRange FMJ is even better. They make JHP carry ammo which I have yet to try.

Chaz- I called today and talked w/ them. They were very helpful. Sending me a UPS label so I can send it back to them. Didnt mention anything about the extractor, they just wanted to gun.
Stovepipe jams


Yes the ejector (edited for proper intent) is and has been there. Can't remember for sure, but if I look next time I believe I would see the FTE stovepipes are being ramped upward by the next round in the mag. In addition to stovepipes, about 1/3 of the FTE are just poking straight out of the camber, ripped off the hook, and jammed in the bullet or caseing of the next round. Did mild hood mod, but as you suspected was no difference. As you noted, cases are not beat up from hood.

HOWEVER, I did notice one thing. In the few properly ejected cases that I was able to recover (from the tall grass where I shoot), the sides were significantly bashed in at about 4:00 as viewed from the rear (just below the 3:00 extractor notch cut into the cae rim). Bad enough you would have a hard time reloading them. They appear to be slamming against the ejector port, but are ejecting quite nicely. Some to the side, some overhead, but at least 10' away. Don't know if that is diagnostic, but I do not hear the reloaders complaining, so I assume this is not normal?

See later post for discussion with KT Tech.
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KT Tech Support??


They were very nice to me, but the person I talked to (described by the switchboard as a "tech") did not have a clue what could be wrong (we hardly ever have any problems")! She "heard" sometimes the screw comes loose.

She did not know if there were newer extractors for the latest 2G models. She never heard if there were the newer (longer) leaf springs others have talked about. At any rate, I asked her to send extractor and some new screws.

Hey guys, is this typical of their tech support? Or did I just get a fill-in. I'm sure they are extra busy after the holidays. Anyone else had dealings with their normal tech support routine.
Chaz- I have dealt w/ 3 people there. Erica, who seem to know her stuff pretty well for a girl :p, and is very nice and helpful. Rick, who was very helpful this morning, and I quess is Cust Serv. manager. I also dealt w/ a girl there when I sent it back the first time, who had a real bad attitude and was not helpful at all. She never gave me her name, and I understand why.
I have never dealt w/ anyone in tech. I did ask them to grind and polish my feed ramp while they had it. It left alot to be desired, I was thinking maybe the chick w/ the attitude did it. :p
I would just ask for Rick or Erica.
Are the extractors and springs redesigned?

Anyone know if there are newer versions of the 2G extractors and springs? The "tech chic" didn't know. It's sometimes hard to tell from the posts if they are talking about 1G or 2G models. Would my HLR## have the latest extractor, 'cause if it does, I don't know what good a new one will do? But that's what I'll try because ya'll told me to!
There are new extractors for the 2G.
This is the difference...
The new one is longer and is on the left and really helped my problems with FTE's. I also did a slight hood mod and I am launching my emptys about 25-30 yards over my head and behind me.

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Extractor length

Hey, thanks for the info. Pics are greatly appreciated, but it is hard to tell for sure. If I had to guess, it looks like I might have the old extractor. May I ask, what is the length of the new claw, from it's highest tip to the inside of the bar (the actual length availiable to grab).

I am beginning to have some hope. The gal at KT said there were no new ones on the 2G's--obviously WRONG. And I think I have the old one. Can't wait to try it out when it gets here.
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