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Well I'll say it before Flyer does,

Welcome to KT Range,

Post comments, questions and concerns regarding all things KT and a few other things that are not. You will find that hands down this is the most informative site regarding KT's weapons. The P32 is a good choice and if the weather in FL is as bad as they say it is than it will be an ideal carry piece. All you should need to do is a initial cleaning and let her rip. They are fun gun to shoot. I know, I bought one on a whim and am now the proud owner of three KT pistols. Again, welcome to the site and we look forward to future postings.

Was that ok Flyer :?: :D

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Cant carry it yet as IM only 19 and I can only buy a handgun from a non FFL and carry it in my glove box or at home. I hope most of you wont jump to the conclusion that IM some punk teen with a handgun, But I have reviewed the site and you guys seem pretty darn cool.

A little gun history about myself-
I have been shooting since I was 8 and when I was 18 I started buying the real guns.

1. Car-15(3-9x30mm mil-dot, harris bipod, houge grip, ride free pins, etc.
2. Savage Arms Mark2 .22cal bolt action rifle with 4x15mm scope
3.Remington 870 express magnum 12 guage parkerized
4.SW99 .40 handgun
5.Kel-tec P32

Its alot for someone who has only had a year to buy guns, lol. Im sure you guys have me beat though.
I used to have 2 other .22's but those and 8 pellet guns were stolen from my house about 4 months ago, now all my guns and knives are secured behind a safe. :D Tired of typing, cya.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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