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\"whatchamacallit mod\"

after doing the ramp mod, it eliminated the smiley prob. a new prob has arisen. when viewing my follower from the top, the follower is shaved on an angle from front to rear. in other words the rounded left front corner is cut away on a straight angle [30 degrees approx] from front to rear. i believe this "shaving" is due to cutting the ramp face asymetrically. i didn't remove as much metal on the left side of the arc as i did on the right. i don't believe the center portion is now impacting the follower face, but the side of the arc is shaving the corner of the follower by sliding under the bullet face and the uneven face of the ramp is cutting that portion of the follower on the way back. regardless, feed and extraction has not been affected.
i'm going to do a little more filing on the left side to balance the arc out and order a new follower to see if that effects a cure.
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