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Help me with this chart.....

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Help me add to this chart and suggest any corrections, etc. Note my arbitrary limit of 6.5" long and 20 oz weight. Comment if you thing that is too much or not enough. My personal opinion is over 14 oz is getting too heavy for pocket carry.
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Beretta 3032 Tomcat, 2.5" BBL, 5" OAL, 15oz unloaded, paid about $295
It's got a tip up barrel for easy loading so you don't have to pull back the slide with that ultra heavy recoil spring. Its also fairly thick at the grip and can shift without a pocket holster
No slide lock, and dry fire may damage the firing pin as well
You could add the Seecamp, the Autauga, and the AMT Back-ups (.380, 9mm, & .45).

Maybe the Colt Pony
Don't forget the Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special!
pocket carry

i've never considered my p11 a "pocket" pistol. it's just too heavy and bulky and uncomfortable for that. since getting my p3at the p11 has become more of a truck/occasional belt clip carry. my p11 will absolutely not fit or conceal in my pants and with my "snake" hips drags my pants down around my knees. one thing for sure, if you pocket carry a p11 all the girls will think you're happy to see them! :D maybe cargo pocket pants would be ok but i'd have to wear suspenders to keep em up.
What about the Walther PPK and PPK/ PPK/S was my first true pocket pistol 14 years ago when it was either that or a J-Frame Smith and Wesson....
The NAA mini revolvers, and Beretta has several in this class.
Old Charter Arms Undercover 38spl around 16oz and can be found in excellant shape for around $150. I carry my PPK/S stainless in a pocket holster. Its a couple oz. over your 20 but works for me. Also Colt Mustang great pocket gun.
the colt pocket nine, which should really be called The Colt Belt-Carry Nine(unless you are a big feller!).
Don't forget the Taurus PT111 Millennium Titanium. Just under 16oz empty and a set of decent sights too!
KT has a good chart on their website. KT gives their pistol weights without the magazine and I think most of the weights listed are from the Mfg. website or owner's manual and they may include the magazine in some or most cases.
New chart......

Thanks for the great replies. I guess I bit off more than I could chew with that one. A lot more handguns out there that can be considered "pocket carry" than I thought.

So I have revised the chart to just .32caliber handguns. A few listed are really too heavy to be "Deep Conceal" but I threw them in anyway. Note the revolvers are .32magnum.
It's impossible to beat the Kel Tec P32 from this list. Let me know what I missed..... only .32caliber and if you know of one please give the specs, barrel, OAL, weight, etc.
Great homework! Doesn't the P32 meet or beat all others in capacity as well?


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Gonna move this to the P32 forum

you are so right!! I'm gonna repost the .32cal chart over on the P32 forum along with more comments about the guns. Kinda quiet over there, maybe this will get some interest.
og........CU on the P32 forum with new topic "P32 is the BEST!!"
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