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Has anyone bought a Pocket Slipper?

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I have sent them a message several times asking for info and they do not reply.

Does it have a windage and elevation adjustment for the light?

Or is it just point and shots fall somewhere in the vicinity of the beam?

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Got the answer today.

It is not adjustable. Just points the light down range somewhere.
Pocket slipper

I have a pocket slipper on my NAA 32. It is not adjustable, but all you have do do is screw the halves together and it is sighted in. If it shoots low, ( mine does at 10 yards) all you have to do is aim about 2" higher. Remember these pocket rockets are not shooting 1" groups.
I do like mine and it makes the gun rectangular, like a wallet in your pocket.

I ordered one from an outfit in FL and got it last week. When I emailed the manufaturer directly they pointed me to a local dealer and the retail price of $150, but I got it for $119. I like it a lot. I've carried my P3AT almost every day since (except for when I was carrying my Springfield IWB) in my front pocket.

The laser obviously points low at short ranges since it eminates from 1.5" below the barrel. When I point mine at a realty sign across the yard at night it's dead on with the sights. Windage is perfect. It only affords one finger on the grip, but that finger is locked in. I haven't shot it yet but I hope its going to be at least as controllable as before since that one finger is locked in and there is a lot more for the support hand to grab hold of. I'll post a range report after I shoot it. Should be some time this week.
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Post a picture of it on the P-3AT... I would love to see it. Or a pic from behind the gun with it activated.
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