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Here are some handy instructions if you ever need to replace the P-3AT hammer spring. These instructions come via Kel-Tec themselves. Thanks Kel-Tec.

The hammer spring can be purchased for $4 here: Kel-Tec CNC - P-3AT Parts

Hammer Spring Replacement for P3AT/P32
1. Disassemble the pistol per cleaning instructions, making sure there’s not a round in the chamber. That is, remove the slide, barrel and recoil rod and springs.
2. Carefully grab the hammer spring by inserting a narrow, pointed L-shaped tool, like a scribe, between the hammer spring and hammer spring catch pin.
3. Carefully pull down on the hammer spring, while turning it 90 degrees and slowly relieve the tension by letting the hammer spring retract into the mag well.
4. Drive out both polymer frame pins (not the steel pin).
5. Remove the inner frame from the grip.
6. Remove the hammer axis.
7. Remove the hammer and hammer spring from the aluminum frame.
8. Do in reverse order to reinstall new hammer spring.

Note: When reinstalling the aluminum frame into the grip, make certain the hammer block is pushed forward of the hammer just before the frame is flush in the grip.
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