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This is a best kept secret and not that expensive. It is an 8mm Egyption rifle from the 50's that is high on the short list of most fun longguns I've ever had the privilege to fire. It is based on the Swedish Ljungman. You must adjust the gas valve according to your ammo to be safe, but don't let that keep you from enjoying it. There is a lot of cheap 8mm milsurp ammo out there. Corrosive is very cheap and ok if you clean the gun diligently. Older Greek and Yugo seems safe, Turkish is hot and questionable, some say its fine if you adjust the valve. Original Egyptian was mild so staying with milder ammo seems like a safe bet, no doubt a Mauser 98 can take more punishment which is what most 8mm is loaded for. I wonder if Egypt chose the 8mm because Rommel's Afrika Corp left a pile of free ammo for the taking?

My Hakim has been going to the range with me every time lately. I've been using Portuguese FNM non-corrosive without trouble having set the gas port for it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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