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Just got back. saw 4 Bulgies ranging from 139 (good condition) to 225 (overpriced). Also saw 3 IJ70s--two 17A and one 17AS (satin finish); 225, 199 and 289 respectively. The satin was the same one i've seen sevarl times over the last 6 months.

Talked to one vendor there who is going to sell me a(n) ______. (You will just have to wait til I get it in my hot little hands--I won't tell you but it is a mak). He had the IJ70-17A for 199 bucks but I passed since it was late and I'm going out to his place tomorrow or Tuesday anyway.

I bought a Star Model B Super in 9mm para at 2:45. Nice shape, OK barrel (looked worn and well-used and box, manual and shooting target from the factory, one mag, no holster wear, but grimy.

170 OTD. Didn't even charge me for the PA check and the cost included the tax.

Found another vendor who was selling Star model B Largo mags and decided to look through them. Half were 9mm mags. He sold me 4 for 20 bucks.

Got it home and cleaned it up and was looking for the proof mark and removed the grips. (P1 proof--1971). Saw that it was gunked up inside with cosmoline. Used a brush and then Gun Scrubber in the barrel and the so-so barrel turned out to be loaded with cosmoline, all dried on and making it appear somewhat worn--someone bought this and never cleaned it. Shiny as new bore and only handling scratches on the pistol. When I cleaned it up and got the dried cosmoline and crap off the outside. I would estimate it as 95%.

Great day that is going to get better when I make my trip to buy my new ____ (not telling you which mak--that would spoil the fun.)

Got home and my wife said "Buy anything?" Yes she smiled and and showed her my newest acquisition. She pretended to be interested and listened to my story, but disappeared when I got out my Star BM to show the differences. Oh well...
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