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Roger, 10-4!!

Right! It's the meanest little pocket pistol I've ever used. Still doing some range testing with my "poor man's gelatin" wet newpaper packs. Prelim test showed far better results than .32acp or .380acp as far as expansion and penetration go.
My old tests, posted here and there on this site show many failures to expand and poor penetration with plain 32 and 380.
Ammo for the .32NAA is not readily available yet and only good stuff is CorBon. Most on-line ammo dealers don't even have it so I've ordered some direct from NAA. Supposed to get it next week then I'll do another wet pack test and see if I still feel the same way. First range trip took me a minute to get over the loud bang and surprising low recoil. So my first shots were wiggley anticipating a big recoil that wasn't there. Just loud.
So I call it a pocket cannon. Dealer gave me a belt holster having an extra pocket for the 2d magazine, too fat to go in my pocket. So I made (don't be mad at me) a thin little pocket holster out of an old sunglasses case that just breaks up the outline and I can carry the cannon in my pocket. (Picture was posted up at Other Guns under my thread about "sliding chamber marks".) A little heavier than a KelTec but fine for me. It keeps me aware that it's there and thus I'm in code yellow, aware of surroundings, instead of code white, which is a don't care attitude.

This ain't no ladies gun but pocket pistol fans will sure like it.

og..........Since you want pictures and not all this hot air, here is a picture of the 9mm Bond derringer that I traded for the it did have a recoil, like a Miss. plow mule!!
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