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Great stuff!

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This isn't really a "Mod", but rather an alert to a couple of products of which I think everyone should be aware.

The photos below are what started out as a Blue/Black P-3AT.
I stripped the bluing from the slide and gave it a nice brush finish. I also left it in the white (Bare metal). I also stripped and polished the barrel, extractor, and recoil spring retainer. I re-blued the extractor and retainer, and blued the barrel. I have been carrying and handling this pistol almost daily for the past couple of months, with no problems with rust.

I also added some material to the back strap. I have fairly large hands, and one of my main problems with this pistol is that the trigger reach is really too close for me. My trigger finger would actually be stopped from fully pulling the trigger by the thumb of my shooting hand. I tried a couple of different products, but this one is the first that actually worked.

So....How have I been keeping the rust at bay? With Bullfrog Heavy Duty Rust Blocker.

This stuff is a lubricant and protectant that uses the same vapor inhibitor technology that is used in the packaging from many firearms factories today. That little wax paper looking bag that your new pistol probably came in is impregnated with the stuff. Just wipe your gun down with a little of this about every other week. Give it about 5 minutes to dry, and wipe off the excess. No more rust!

What about the grip extension? That's Fast Cap's My Grip.

This stuff is a heat activated moldable, rubber. When it is heated, it becomes moldable and sticky. Once it cools, it is no longer sticky, and does not snag or grab my covering garments. It will stick to just about any clean surface, but removes easily with no residue if or when you want to take it off. They tell you to boil it, but that didn't work out so well for me. I used a heat gun (I think a hair dryer would probably work just as well.) to mold the back strap that you see. It's been on there for a couple of months now. It only came off once when I wanted to see how hard it would be to remove it (It wasn't) and if it left any residue (It didn't.) All I did was heat-up the side that was attached to the gun just enough to become sticky again, and pressed it back into place. While it does have some give to it, it is a bit harder than your average rubber handgun grip.

Even with the High-ride grip safety that came on my PT-1911, I had trouble with my grip actually deactivating the safety. I put some of this stuff on the safety to make the "speed bump" extend a bit higher, and now have no problems. I carry this pistol quite a lot, and this stuff hasn't moved since I put it there a couple of months ago.

These items are cheap, and unlike a lot of things these days, actually do what the manufacturers say that they will do.

I hope that you guys find this useful.
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interesting products MagMan

both the rust inhibitor and the grip goo could have uses for me. With my short fat fingers I don't have to worry about trying to build up the grips of any of my handguns, but I am curious as to how well the stuff might stay on a plastic machete handle. Not really interested in building up the size as much as adding texture to improve grip.

Where'd you get the BullFrog?
Both look like great stuff. Where to you get them?
Sorry, I guess that I should have anticipated this and posted the links last night.

I got the Bullfrog from Cheaper Than Dirt, but it is available elsewhere.

I got the My Grip on E-Bay. It was cheaper than getting it through the manufacturer. This stuff was invented to put custom grips on tools such as hammers. On the manufacturer's site, there are links on the left side of the page to videos where they put this stuff on fishing rods, canes, etc. The even use it to make a bench mounted form for assembling tools.

I discovered it through an article in Guns Magazine in which the author used it to make a completely custom grip for his revolver. Once you click on the link, go to page 26 of the digital edition to see it.
The MyGrip is very interesting. It reminds me of Flyer's old experiments, but has the huge advantage of being reversible. Have you every thought of covering it with a grip sleeve or something? LINK

Edited to add: Be careful of Cheaper Than Dirt - I think you weren't around when we discussed how they are ripping off their customer base.

Link to old thread HERE.

I just read that thread. I have been dealing with them off and on for years, and have never had any problems. Of course I always just close any pop-ups that appear during the check out process, no matter which site I'm at. I also do extensive research before buying anything. Once I have determined to buy something online, I search several sites to check availability and price. I just open a new tab for each retailer. I then begin the check out process at each site to get the total cost, including S&H and taxes, and then just close all but the cheapest, and finish the check out at that site. Since prices are always changing, I do this each time, even if I am buying something that I've already bought in the past.

I also use Pay-Pal's secure card feature to make all of my online payments. This generates a virtual credit card that can only be used at the site for which it was generated. They can also be set to only be good for one use. Once I make the purchase, I go to my bank's web site and transfer the funds from my main checking account to a second, separate account that I use only for online purchases. This system makes it all but impossible for someone to rip me off.
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magman, sounds like you have a very secure system. I will have to think about something like that myself.

As for CTD, your system protects you from the Complete Savings scam, but not from the selling of your personal info for marketing and mailing lists, etc. That genie is out of the bottle at this point, however. I want nothing to do with them. They are right next to ChinaMart on my ever-growing shit list.
Just a quick update.

I decided to do a little experiment. I was wiping the slide down with the rust blocker once a week, but I wanted to see how long it would protect the unfinished metal of the slide. The last time that I applied the rust blocker was on Saturday, March 5th. Since then, I have carried and handled the pistol on a daily basis. This includes sweating on it profusely a couple of times while doing yard work.

The only thing that I have done to it is to wipe the sweat off of it at the end of the day, and insure that lint and other debris did not build up to the point of hampering the operation of the firearm.

It is just now showing any sign of corrosion. The rear of the slide on the left side (The side that is against my body while carrying.) is just now beginning to darken a little.

This is some great stuff!!! :D
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