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I used to use 90gr. Hydra-Shok bullets in my 380 for self-defence! but not anymore. I bought a box of PMC hollow points
due to the fact that I just wanted a cheap practice round.
I use railroad ties for a back stop and had a empty beverage can sitting on them, I shot my target and the bullet hit the railroad ties behind it and caused the can to shake!, for being a 90gr. bullet this is damn good! the PMC also has a large mouth hollow point kinda rounded at the nose, this feeds better due to the fact that it acts kinda like a round nose feeding!. I found a couple rounds laying on the ground, they was smashed up a little but was in good enough shape to be able to see that there was no smileys on them and I never did any mod. to ramp what so ever. The only difference that I can see between the Hydra-Shok and the PMC is the little lead post that Hydra-Shok has in it. That PMC has some square footing behind it and I only paid $13 dollars for 50 rounds vs $15 dollars for only 20 rounds of the Hydra-Shok!. I will still stay with the 147gr. Hydra-Shok for my P-11 however.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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