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A buddy of mine gave me a P-40 that he didn't shoot much and that he didn't like. I am always excited about new toys so I did not argue.

I took it to the range two weeks ago and experienced what a lot of P-40 shooters have complained about: misfeeding. It fired the first two magazine-loads, then failed to cycle every shot afterwards.
In perusing the different Kel-Tec forums over the last week or so, many users would say I am "limp-wristing" the firearm. Although I have never had this issue with a firearm before, perhaps my most strenuous and determined grip isn't strong enough.
Everything was well-oiled and clean. The ammunition was newly-purchased range ammo.

This last Saturday at the range it fired one shot and the barrel broke. Completely in half.
The polymer frame broke as well.
This was a new one on me and the manager of the range had never seen that either. In my uneducated opinion, the barrel is very thin. Then at the base where the barrel attaches to the chamber section, it is milled even thinner. I am not 100% convinced this indentation is purposeful. That appears to my untrained eye to be VERY thin for the amount of forces in that specific area. (Photos attached.)

The range manager said I should contact Kel-Tec and that even though I am not the original owner they may honor the warranty.

I did call them and a staff member said to just mail it to them. I am responsible for paying shipping there, then up to $40 for labor, and then shipping back. Another staff member contacted my via e-mail saying I could buy a new barrel for $95 plus shipping. My online searches have not found a barrel for this gun for less than that $95. That option would be easier except for the broken frame, although JB Weld or something similar may have fixed the frame.

I have not mailed a firearm since I worked for a wholesaler 20 years ago---and boy have things changed! The employee at the post office said the USPS will not ship firearms even if it is going back to the manufacturer for repairs. Their website indicates that they do in my situation, but he said it was a felony to even bring it into the post office. I did not argue.

A UPS employee said they will ship them but only from the Customer Service Center. A good bit out of the way but not the end of the world.
So I boxed it all up and went there last night and filled out the forms. The employee weighed the box and the price appeared on the register. I said, "GOOD LORD! Fifty dollars?" The employee said they can only ship firearms Next-Day-Air. My instincts said to just go home and sell the parts on eBay, or search for a cheaper shipping method, but I paid the $49.46 to just be done with it. This also all in Florida, just going from Tallahassee to Cocoa, so I imagine from maybe Oregon or Minnesota would be quite a bit more expensive.

The UPS employee said the P-40 should be delivered by 3:00 today.

I'll post updates on my experience with the company and progress on the repair. Thanks for reading and if you want to give any advice---or if you want to roast me for bad decisions---please do!

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