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"Fits All" P-3AT 1G Extractor Mod

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\"Fits All\" P-3AT 1G Extractor Mod

Lots of folks argue with their extractors, getting it to grip a particular brand of ammo properly, to the exclusion of the use of other kinds, often at the cost of affordable, RELIABLE practice (Can't use cheap ammo anymore!).
This is unacceptable!
So... I got tired of the whole mess and assaulted and subdued mine. Now it hauls everything in and out of the chamber with equal aplomb.
My camera is on vacation, but I believe I can describe it well enough:
First the extractor is removed. Now, examine it closely. Just behind the hook on the inside, a small amount is to be filed off, allowing the hook to extend much further into the chamber than before. Newer extractors already have this done very slightly, but still not enough to make an appreciable difference.
A slight obstacle must be overcome, though: usually the extractor will now no longer allow a round to be chambered, since it's too tight against the case to allow the rim to slip into the groove!
Clipping two coils off the extractor spring solved it.
Now that puppy goes in the groove of anything you can stuff into the mag, and reliably yanks it out and tosses it overboard.
If you decide to try this mod, go slowly on the removal of metal... take off just enough (test-fitting the extractor in place without the pin or spring) to allow it to fit only deep enough to engage the groove on the deepest cases you've got, no further.
I've found that the loss of spring tension really hasn't mattered: the hook fits the groove so much better than before light spring tension almost becomes irrelevant.
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Flyer, would it be possible to post a couple of pictures on this mod? I am still having problems with FTE's. I have done the barrel hood mood and am still experiencing the problem. :cry: This is not a problem with limp wristing. This is a new 2nd generation gun. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
FTE Problem Fixed

I did the extractor mod but continued to have problems with the FTE's. I called Kel-Tec and told them the problem I was having. I told them this was a new 2G P3AT. They were very helpful and suggested a new longer extractor to try. I also told them that my gun shipped with the 1G instruction manual and asked if they would send me the correct one.
I received the extractor and manual three days later and am very happy to say that corrected the problem. I have put a hundred rounds thru the gun with 0 failures. I am sure the extractor mod also helps the reliability so it's all good. I feel much more secure now with the gun in my pocket.
Well, this mod was intended for the 1st. Gen. pistols, anyhow... getting a new extractor was the way to go in your case! *)
I'd like to see a pic of this mod if possible.
thanks for all the great info.
I'd like to see a pic of this mod if possible.
thanks for all the great info.
This thread was started back in 2004, so it refers to the First Generation pistol. The pic below should give you an idea of what he is talking about.

Flyer is talking about removing metal in the area marked as "rebated". Notice the one in the right pic also projects down a little further. I asked KT for a "P-32 style" P-3AT extractor, and they sent me one. It makes a difference.
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They are saying to use a torque wrench so as not to over tighten. Red Loctite is mainly for something more permanent. Blue is better for future removal, or low strength purple.
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