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100 rounds Remington Green/White box fmj's about a fast I as could load and shoot two mags then reload and go again.
They all went down range with "0" malfs of any kind.
I didn't take a target since this was a quickie function test ride. I did est up a 1 pound coffee can at 25 yards just for a reference or aiming point. I was happy to knock it around a little from that distance. In the next few days I will do a little 7 yard target work.

My only critcism is the new barrel's interior has some of the nastiest machining marks I thought possible. I am a little disapointed about that but. I'll decide whether or not to complain to KT after I come back from my next range outing.

I figure if I can keep 100 rounds inside the 9 ring on a B27 silouette with the majority centered I will be good to go.
That should be easy enough to do.
Besides this is a up close defensive pistol not a long range target gun.

I'm not real concerned since My old Systema Colt would keep fifty rounds on a B16 target 12"x10.5" at 25 yards.It's barrel was so worn that I had to look REAL hard to even see the lands and grooves of the rifling. Besides again, I don't intend to shoot this little pistol that far back except at the range, maybe.

FYI! The new barrel's feedramp appears identical to the old one. It's a smiley making machine. I am still not totally convinced as to its affect on accuracy at least with fmjs. I can see how it might affect it at longer ranges but not at the short intended ranges. And certainly not in my hands. For the time being I'm going to carry fmjs. It really tears the hell out of the HPs I have tried. I may stoke the chamber and the top round in the mag with HP's though.

when I got my new HC setup I immediately liked it better than the old one becasue the sights are much more pronounced. When I went to the range with it, it was a whole new experience. The gun fired as fast as I could keep it loaded. I limp wristed and could not get it to jam. I had to have an overly exaggerated grip that left the pistol high and loose in the hand to get it to FTE. I had one but knowing I would never shoot it that way left me with a good feeling about the reliablity. I had many problems with the original slide and was starting to doubt the pistols performace to the point where I had gone back to the P32. I am a happy camper once again. I would suggest a P3AT with HC slide to anyone. Come to think of it I would suggest that all KT pistols be upgraded. The fit and finish seems to be better with the HC.
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