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This will be my first summer packing a Kel-Tec.

I was just looking at the finish and bet that I will need to use car wax on it to prevent rusting from perspiration.

I drove a taxi for 10 years and packed a star 45acp blued finish, after the finish worn off I put turtle wax on it and let it dry then wiped it off just like you do a car, the gun never got even one speck of rust on it.

I had to use a pin on areas like around the sights to get the wax off but it was worth it.

After each time I shot it I would just wax it again and have never had problems with rust, I can just tell by feel that the Kel-Tec will need this done.

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I like Birchwood Casey's Gunstock Wax.
In fact, one of my Maks has it as it's only finish... I stripped the bluing off the frame and now only the wax protects it. Not a trace of rust after half a year.
Good stuff!
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