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As others here have mentioned, I was also having slide hangup when trying to feed the first round. Tried F&B'ing and trying to give a quick release of the slide but still would hang up on first round. After tapping the slide to get the 1st and sometimes the 2nd cartridge to feed into the chamber, all the rest fed OK. Figured that this had to be the mag and nothing else and focused on this. The normal action is - Slide comes forward, catches the cartridge, cartridge is pushed forward to contact feed ramp, feed ramp forces the front of the cartridge to slip out of the mag to angle up towards chamber. Ah ha, right at the point where the front of the cartridge needs to slide out of the mag to angle up to the chamber, I noticed that the cartridge pivots on the mag guiding lips instead of sliding out of these. Because the cartridge doesn't slide out of the mag lips and pivot on the rear of as it is trying to rise along the feed ramp and instead is held by these and pivots here, the rear of the cartridge is forced down into the next round below it. This is why the hangup occurs on the first couple of rounds - the spring resistance doesn't allow the feeding cartridge to push down the cartridge below it to reach the angle required to properly slide up the feed ramp into the chamber. As subsequent rounds are fed, the spring resistance diminishes and allows the 4th, 3rd, etc, rounds to pivot and push down the mag easier and feed. Now, the solution! Ever so slightly take a fine flat file and take the sharp edge off of the front 1/4" of the mag lips. Next, bend the front 1/4" of the mag lips back ever so slightly with a pair of flat nosed pliers. This is tough spring steel so be determined but go easy - one needs only needs to get the front of the mag lips to release the round but leave the rear of the lips "as is" so they hold the round and let it pivot at the rear. I didn't go for a visual angular change - just kept trying the feed with 6 in the mag until I got the results I wanted. Viola! - no more hangups! Let me know if this works for you - Dick
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