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Ever wonder at the myriad of grip color and finish options available from the Kel-Tec factory for the P-32? If so, this thread should help clarify the different options that were available on the First Generation P-32 (1G) and the current-production Second Generation (2G) pistols.

First Generation P-32s were produced from 1999-2005, with the Second Generation taking over mid 2005-present. Specs were/are as follows:

Factory Technical Specifications P-32 (First and Second Generation)
Caliber: .32 AUTO
Weight unloaded. 6.6 oz.
Loaded magazine 2.8 oz.
Length 5.1"
Height 3.5"
Width 0.75"
Barrel Length 2.7"
Sight radius 3.8"
Muzzle energy max 200ftlbs
Capacity 7+1 rounds
Trigger pull 5 lbs

The 1G pistols were available in three different finishes, which were carried over to the 2G pistols as well:

-Blued (slide looks matte black with an unfinished silver barrel)
-Parkerized (slide is dark gray with a charcoal black barrel)
-Hard Chrome (slide and barrel have a matte silver finish)

The 1G had no less than seven different grip colors! Here they are:

-Black (standard)
-Gray (standard)
-Olive Green (standard)
-Light Blue (appeared Aqua)
-Dark Blue (appeared Royal Blue)

In the last few years of 1G production, the last four colors were dropped.

The 2G kept the three standard colors, and added one more in 2008:

-Olive Green
-Navy Blue

Below are some pics of various 1G and 2G pistols with different color grips and finish options. I couldn't find a decent pic of the Purple grip, so I included a pic of a piece one sent as a sample. If someone has an actual pic (not a Photoshopped one) of a P-32 in Purple, send me a PM and I will post it. Pics were taken from members of various forums (where credited) or online auctions (uncredited). Sorry if I stole your pic and didn't ask, but it is for a good cause!

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Blued w/Black Grip

Hard Chrome w/Gray Grip

Parkerized w/Olive Green Grip (looks too light in pic)

Blued w/Ivory Grip (needs cleaned)
Thanks to Nu_Agin_Shooter!

Blued w/Dark Blue Grip
Thanks to vwspdshp!

Blued w/Light Blue Grip
Thanks to powwowell!

A P-32 with a Purple Grip at long last!
Thanks to GoldenLoki!

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Blued w/Black Grip

Parkerized w/Gray Grip

Blued w/Olive Green Grip (this one looks too dark)

Hard Chrome w/Navy Blue Grip
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