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Finished P-3AT "Pro Grip"

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Finished P-3AT \"Pro Grip\"

Okay, here it is. Not all that beautiful, but then again, it never really was!
Hopefully new ones can look better than the prototype... here it is with its BIG brother, a Glock 30 (.45 ACP):

I decided not to go with more checkering on the filler, just rubber sheet, instead.
Shot another 50 rounds today and noticed an added benefit. It no longer feels as if you're getting ready to touch your palm with the pad of your trigger finger when it fires, finally! Feels like a regular trigger, more or less.
Well... this is it.

Scroll down to the pic by GlocksRock to see what the finished mod looks like - sorry but the original pic is gone. - PG
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No problem. I noticed GlocksRock commented that his rendition of the mod wasn't quite as finished as Flyer's, so keep that in mind.

Check out this LINK for grip stuff.
Thanks for the link. I ordered a hogue handall jr but may add those recoil absorbers,
The recoil absorbers are a lighter, easier, and more functional way of adding depth to the grip as compared with the Pro Grip. If you need the thicker Pro Grip than it is a better way to go, but many don't want one too thick or heavy.

Flyer's mod predates the grip kits by many years.
Hey GlocksRock, do you still check this thread? If so, give us your thoughts on the Pro Grip from so long ago. :p
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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