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Finished P-3AT "Pro Grip"

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Finished P-3AT \"Pro Grip\"

Okay, here it is. Not all that beautiful, but then again, it never really was!
Hopefully new ones can look better than the prototype... here it is with its BIG brother, a Glock 30 (.45 ACP):

I decided not to go with more checkering on the filler, just rubber sheet, instead.
Shot another 50 rounds today and noticed an added benefit. It no longer feels as if you're getting ready to touch your palm with the pad of your trigger finger when it fires, finally! Feels like a regular trigger, more or less.
Well... this is it.

Scroll down to the pic by GlocksRock to see what the finished mod looks like - sorry but the original pic is gone. - PG
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Right - got it. So he can call me by a vulgar term whose meaning cannot be stated or defined on the board.

Would that not be a lot like substituting asterisks for letters in obscenities? Substituting English for American with the same prohibited meaning?

And if I protest being called an obscene name, I am threatened with banning. Nice.
I'm not even sure why you're poking this issue around.
Maybe you've just got a thin skin... I dunno.
At any rate, I'd be careful of my choice of words in the future.
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seems like a good word to me----I like it.
Hmmm.... that looks an awful lot like the backstrap part off of a pachmeyer grip for a Colt Gov model 1911 45 ACP pistol... :zap:
Nope... it's part of a Pachymer grip, but not a 1911 (in fact not really a grip but a thin slip-on sleeve).
<smug> yeah, i thought that looked like pachmeyer checkering! :smiley10:
My Flyer rip-off

Hey Flyer,
I just wanted to show you how my "Flyer Pro-Grip" turned out. I used a chunk of epoxy type stuff called VersaChem Magnum Steel that I bought at Auto Zone to do it. I molded the stuff on, shaped it, let it harden, colored it black with a Sharpie, then slipped my Hogue on it. I know it looks way rough compared to yours, but man is it functional. Way more comfortable to shoot now with my larger than average hand size. Just remember that I'm no more a photographer than I am a gunsmith, so please pardon the quality of the pic. So, what do you think?
I have been trying to follow the progress of Flyers grip but somehow, somewhere I get lost in a bunch of name calling. Why the hostilities? I thought the purpose of the Range was to share ideas and promote Kel Tecs. Where did I go wrong?
You didn't go wrong.
For some reason everywhere I go on the 'net someone tries to shoot my butt off when I post a new idea or modification. Usually it's the people who can't manage to do something similiar themselves that try mocking me and raising general hell.
I don't really care... I can handle myself just fine, and as far as HERE is concerned, it's a no-no! *)
Oh yeah... your grip looks great, GlocksRock! *)
I think that your new grip is a great improvement. It really would be nice if it were made available in a slip on type. I think a lot of users would buy it. I know I would. All in all, I admire all the improvement and ideas that you have come up with. I know that you definetly improved the performance of my P380. I am sure that countless other have benefited from you sharing your ideas. For that I say "Thank You".
Finished P-3at Pro Grip

I'd like to buy a couple of those slip-on grips if you ever make them. You could sell a lot of them. :D

It seems to me that one cannot be insulted greatly by being called a "wanker", as I'm sure we all have done it at least once in our lives. Maybe twice...... :lol:
Re: Wanker

markster said:
as I'm sure we all have done it at least once in our lives. Maybe twice...... :lol:
twice today? *)

I thought that Wanker was the radial engine used in the Mazdas. This site is so educational. I am learning new things every day. Nyuk, nyuk.
That was a Wankel not a wanker and Mazda perfected it. :shock:
I miss my RX-7. *)
broken link

Sounds like a great mod. Would love to see it but the picture link is broken and so are the links to the original thread. Can you repost?
Flyer's photos were lost when his website ( went down. Many of the mods in this section were originated by him, and were also damaged. I removed them as they were essentially useless without the pictures. (They are in storage, not deleted - my hope is that we can get the pics back and restore them at some point.)

I left this particular one in place after debating for a while. The reason was that if you scroll down toward the bottom of page 1, GlocksRock posted a pic of the mod after he completed it. His is for all intents and purposes the same as the original as far as I could tell.

I will edit Flyer's initial post and make a note to look for the pic below.
Opened glocksrocks pic in photoshop and zoomed in for better view. Looks good. Thanks for the redirect.
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