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Finished P-3AT "Pro Grip"

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Finished P-3AT \"Pro Grip\"

Okay, here it is. Not all that beautiful, but then again, it never really was!
Hopefully new ones can look better than the prototype... here it is with its BIG brother, a Glock 30 (.45 ACP):

I decided not to go with more checkering on the filler, just rubber sheet, instead.
Shot another 50 rounds today and noticed an added benefit. It no longer feels as if you're getting ready to touch your palm with the pad of your trigger finger when it fires, finally! Feels like a regular trigger, more or less.
Well... this is it.

Scroll down to the pic by GlocksRock to see what the finished mod looks like - sorry but the original pic is gone. - PG
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I notice a lot of P-3AT users are using 1 inch bike innertubes to slip over the grip, and adding a padding of some sort to the rear, to increase depth/improve handling...
I did this, too, while working on my grip mod idea. A really good mod can be done with the inner tube and some rubber tubing of the sort found in a portable blood pressure monitor...
Take the tubing and cut it to length, pressing it along the back of the grip. Then, slit it up the side to allow it to sit flat and be pressed tight with the innertube. A little superglue or spray adhesive is a near must to hold things in place.
It's important that the most padding be at the very TOP of the grip area, where the indentation is deepest... added deepness here not only allows the hand to ride higher on the grip, but increases trigger pull length.
Of all the mods I've done this seems to be the most "noticeable"... increasing trigger reach. Feels like an entirely new pistol, and a more comfortable one, at that!
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Flyer - how is the grip attached? Or did you etch into the gun itself?
Here's the original threads where I introduced the grip, then the next one with pics of it in an unfinished state. Everything's explained in the first article...
I've got several hundred rounds through this P-3AT since doing the mod... and it's just as tight and comfortable as ever.
Grip Article
Grip Pics
Can you make more backstraps from the mold you made that one with? I have long fingers, and the short trigger reach is uncomfortable at best.
Re-inventing the Limb Saver

Dude, you've re-invented the "Limb Saver"...almost.

Limbsaver increases grip depth, cushions recoil, fits most semi-automatics and is removable. I use it for all of those reasons on my KT P-357.

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Yep, I've seen the "Limbsaver" stuff...
It's not really the same thing, though. The idea was to actually change the dimensions of the grip, not necessarily make the pistol more comfortable to shoot - though it does that too!
And, while Flyer won't say it out loud, the idea was to NOT have the idea ripped off by some wanker on KTOG!
Hmmm... hadn't seen the ripoff, because I haven't been "there" in a long time, but I had to look when you said something. Seems ***awfully*** convenient that he came up with this *after* Flyer published it. Perhaps a vicious royalties lawyer is in order...
Before you enter into the realm of what's actionable, I sugest you connect the dots between your username and where I work.

bigbird said:
My version of the grip extension is intended to allow an individual to fit an extension which he can then shape to his hand.

I think you hit the nail right on the head Bigbird. You version of the grip extension is a variation of the Flyer mod. I think your trigger mod was very well done! I think your grip modification was well done. Maybe you came up with the idea all by your self. Great minds think alike, but Flyer did come up with it first. I know others on KTOG have come up with the same idea I did of tapping an aluminum bar to mount rails on to (for the sub). Some one else thought of using the 10/22 weaver rail. I used his idea and adapted it. I think that the best attribute this list is the way we share knowledge. I do not recall hearing Flyer say "You all better not use my idea!". Maybe some are overzealous in the use of "Rip-off" but this is a loyal group.

BTW the level of "gratuitous insults" on KTOG are not lower. You just have not run into the trolls yet. :D
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RE Ktog Trolls:
There aren't as many there now as there used to be, because Keys, Midi, and I slaughtered them.


BTW the level of "gratuitous insults" on KTOG are not lower. You just have not run into the trolls yet. :D[/quote]

Suprised there aren't a bunch of them yet. It's been awhile.
>> I sugest you connect the dots between your username and where I work.

Oh, so I guess, (from your profile) you are going to make a film about me?

Or were you going to ban me from the site now that you got my attention by insulting me out of the clear blue sky?

You've gone from an egregious insult to a threat. Very mature.

Anyone with manners would have apologized by now for calling me a wanker and a ripoff, rather than responding with a threat...
enlighten me. what's a "wanker"?
In Aussie, it would be equivalent to a *Edit by Flyer* in American.
bigbird said:
Anyone who calls me a 'wanker' or says I 'ripped off' flyer's idea in print needs to re-read the K-Trange rules and the definition of libel.

And that wasn't a threat? Sorry about deleting the post that came from, I attempted to quote from it but must have mistakenly hit the edit button instead. For THAT, I will apologize.
First, we don't allow this at the Range:
clueless a****** in American.
We consider it the equivalent of the actual word itself, and treat it the same... in other words, delete it.
Secondly, we don't speak American, here. We speak English.
>> we don't allow this at the Range...

That is why I suggested that midiman re-read the rules for KTrange. Apparently if it is non-American slang or authored by a sysadmin, there are exceptions to the rules, e.g. 'some wanker on KTOG'.

Here is a definition of 'wanker':

It is a distinctly unfriendly thing to say about someone, and has scatological connotations. How about editing that phrase out, along with my attempt to define it?
Frankly, the "sysadmins" of the Range don't NEED to re-read the rules, mainly because we OWN it.
What we SAY are the Rules, the Rules ARE.
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