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I only waited one day short of 3 weeks for the thing but it arrived on Thursday. I wish I could shoot it but didnt take advantage of what little time I had on Friday. Now it is snowing a blizzard outside and we are supposed to get 24 inches by tommorow night!!! OK on a similar topic..I traded my Ruger P-95 for the Kel-tec since it didnt fit any needs I had. Well I went to pic up my gun and I am sure the dealer had the Ruger in with the new guns and at new pricing. Now it looked new but I shot between 300 and 500 rounds throught it and told then that also. I am begining to think I will need to find a new place to shop!!! this just seems a little underhanded to me. What do you think?? Also I think I will need to sight the little booger in since the rear sight looks like it is way off to the right. That cant be normal. Sorry for the long post but I am still hyper from shoveling snow.

Snowbound in Maine,


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Howdy bikerp97,
Welcome to KTRange!
You're gonna like your P-11.
Yep, it's underhanded, all right, if your dealer is selling the Ruger as a new gun... in fact, it's a Federal crime!
Sometimes the sights on new P-11 can be a tad loose... once you get it sighted in, use a little blue Loc-Tite to make sure it doesn't go wandering to one side or the other again.
Have fun!
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