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Click on the link below for a free sample of Eezox. Said to be one of the best CLPs out there: dry to the touch and the best rust protection.

Click and send an email from the link to make your request for a .95oz sample.

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Thanks guys, I just ordered a free sample of EEZOX and MIltec. I posted a question on this on Gunboards because a local police dept. in my area uses this stuff and loves it. I had never heard of it before that. The EEZOX that is.

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We're gonna have to write new rules, around here... :evil:
Anyone that lives in one of those "Sunny all the time states" should have to... have to...
Well, outta have to go without shooting for an entire month!
WE'RE freezing our posteriors off!!! It jest plain ain't funny!!! :mrgreen:

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Yep, Gotta love Florida -- sunny warm weather (it does get into the 20s here in the winter sometimes), NO STATE INCOME TAX, and a great cost of living here in the panhandle. Much different than the "stereotypical Florida".

Go to one of the relocation comparison websites and compare the cost of living of most places with Pensacola -- you'l find that if you came here you'd get an instant raise with no increase in salary.

Did I mention NO STATE INCOME TAX! In addition to a great CWL program, no waiting period to pick up guns with a CWL, no per month gun purchase limits -- and, did I mention NO STATE INCOME TAX?

Excuse me, I've got to go turn down the thermostat on my air conditioner.... getting kind of warm in here... :twisted:

Just to wet your appetite....

If you made $100,000 in Pensacola -- you would need to make the following to keep the same standard of living in the following cities:

Birmingham, AL = $111,323
Atlanta, GA = $127,211
New Orleans, LA = $116,836
West Palm Beach, FL = $122,889
Chicago, IL = $184,057
Cleveland, OH = $106,847
NYC, NY = $276,748
Seattle, WA = $143,936


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flyandscuba said:
I know....

But in the middle of July and August when I'm melting under 105 degree temperatures and 90-100% humidity -- you'll be sitting back chuckling at me!
That's funny... I was just talking to Flyer and said I'll get my revenge in July when they're all complaining that it's 110 degrees with 120% humidity and they can't even wear their underpants to conceal their guns!
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